Gypsy's Workbench : Nov 2021

Posted by Gypsy on Nov 2nd 2021

Gypsy here:

Big thanks to everyone for your business and support.
Running a lean shop these days. I have just enough capacity to do a few projects at a time and take care of webshop. Unfortunately I can't schedule as many orders as I have in the past. Its not a good time to expand.  I'm not sure when this will change.

I will continue building out the webstore. Nametags are available & flags and patches are posted as they are finished. Its a good way to see what I have in stock in real time, or get a nametag on order.

The catalog move to the webstore is ongoing. Its a big project and unfortunately one that I can't farm out. Updating prices as Items are moved .

To recap: I'm covered up with order requests, Best chance at getting something soon is here on  the webstore. If you want to see whats in stock in real time or get a flag and a nametag  your in the right place.
Everything I can produce and or have an IP license to make . Will be on the webstore. Some of the Patches are costly to produce or seldom ordered - I will not keep these in Inventory. You will need to use the "Notify me" button - When there are enough requests to do a run I will place that item in Pre-Order where you can purchase one in advance of the production run.

Thank you for Serving our Country, Thank you for wearing our patches.