Time for an Update

Posted by Tipsy Gypsy on Jun 17th 2022

We are licensed for USMC items - Ive just turned on and updated the website Inventory. Some new items to look at and some old ones are back in stock.  On the Navy side, I don't have the required license to do web or public sales. Ive started the process to get licensed again and the good folks at the trademark office will get me squared away when they can.  Please be patient I don't want to derail that process.

The work we post here is the very finest and best we can produce. It takes considerable time and focus to create objects of this quality and beauty.  We do our very best to create daily. Keep in mind  this is as far from mass production as it gets. If you see something you like in stock - grab it quick. 

Like everyone else we are experiencing price increases and shortages of damn near everything -  I have  what I need to keep working but it costs a lot more to keep the lights on this year.  

        Cheers and Thanks,

               Fly safe,